Do you want to travel?

What do YOU want to do with YOUR life?

Travel the world for years without running out of money

Live the digital nomad life

Do a grand adventure backpacking or bicycle touring

How can I help you? Services offered:

  • I will help you achieve your financial goals to follow your dreams.
  • How to increase exponentially your monthly savings.
  • How to make your savings work for you while you are traveling.
  • How to minimize fees and expenses while on the road.
  • I will help you optimize your travels to maximize your money.
  • I will help you navigate the bureaucratic nightmare of embassies and border crossings.
  • I will advice you best places to take a break along the route, either to relax or to make money.
  • How to take the right shots while traveling. Advanced techniques and how to plan to be able to take the best shots while you keep moving.
  • How to process your photos and be able to work while on the road.
  • How to make money with your photography.

Full mentorships & specific workshops on sale

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