About me

A nomadic photographer and adventurer. A life on the road with a camera strapped to my back, sharing my vision of the world we live on.

I have always loved photography and enjoyed learning all the different techniques, which allowed me to achieve and develop my own style as a photographer. My vision.

I understand photography as a way of painting with light.

As such, light must be interpreted to reflect what I we can see with our own eyes. To transmit. To connect. To bring us together.

During 5 years of traveling and work as a photographer, I took breaks to stop the daily movement. I lived and taught photography in Manchester (England), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Tehran (Iran).

For 20 months, 20,000 Km and 21 countries I rode a bicycle, all the way from England to China.

My new base is in Chengdu, China. Where my Chinese living adventure starts and where I am organising again photography courses and workshops.