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Photography Courses in Chengdu

Photography Courses

Discover yourself as a photographer, from scratch to mastery

  • Sultan Ahmed, traveling in Istanbul
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How to shoot great photos

  • Getting the right settings in your camera.
  • Compositional rules and tips, and when to make an exception.
  • How to get the sharpest and noise-free images.
  • How to avoid camera shake and blurry images.
  • When to use each focal length and lens.
  • Learning to use all modes of your camera and full manual mode.
  • How, where and when to focus.
  • Understanding light.

Understanding any situation

  • Natural light portrait and street photography.
  • Landscape photography, sunset and sunrises.
  • Long exposure photography.
  • Night and star photography.
  • High dynamic range situations.
  • How to properly use a tripod or how to improvise one.

Full workflow using Adobe Lightroom

  • How to keep everything organised and be able to find any old images quickly.
  • Understanding RAW images.
  • How to get the best quality when exporting our photos to social media, websites or printing.
  • How to use presets to speed up your workflow (I will give you my presets for free, valued over 100USD)
  • How to process all kind of photos.
  • How to recover blown out skies and under exposed shadows.
  • Specific ways of processing for portrait photography.
  • How to clean your images of any noise.

Advanced processing using Photoshop

  • How to use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop together.
  • Making adjustments and working with layers in Photoshop.
  • Overcoming some of the limitations of cheaper lenses with Photoshop.
  • Focus stacking in Photoshop.
  • How to get rid of tourists in your images combining several images in Photoshop.
  • Blending exposures and HDR photography.
  • Using and creating actions in Photoshop to speed up the process.
  • Introduction to Luminosity Masks in Photoshop (the most powerful method for processing images).

Making money with your photography

  • Finding your own style.
  • How to become a professional photographer.
  • How to create a passive income from your photography.

Small group classes

The normal price for the full course is 2400 RMB per month

The first ones to sign up get a reduced price of 1200 RMB per month

The discounted price will be kept for the whole 6 months of the course for those booking and paying now

Small classes

3 or 4 students per class with similar level

12 hours a month

1 weekly class of 3 hours

Flexible schedule

I will adapt to holidays and different timetables

Monthly payment

No need to commit to the whole course in advance

Personal lessons available too

2 hours one-on-one classes for 500 RMB

Promotion! Pay monthly and get the fourth one for free!

1500 RMB per month for 8 hours (4 classes of 2 hours each)

One on one

Personalised lessons

8 hours a month

1 weekly class of 2 hours

Flexible schedule

I will adapt to holidays and different timetables

Monthly payment

No need to commit for long periods

Contact me

wechat: ilzezee

You can email me to [email protected]

Or you may just add me on WeChat,

my username is ilzezee


South West of Chengdu, next to the second ring road.

Fastest way to get there is with the BRT bus.

Buses K1 or K2, the fast buses going over the traffic.

Next to Hongpailouxi Station.

Click to open the map

About me


I taught photography in Manchester, Tbilisi and Tehran. Now in Chengdu!

Traveling for the last 5 years while working as a photographer.

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